AI Nightbirds NFTs

AI Nightbirds NFT Overview

Project Information

AI Moonbirds is a collection of 10,000 AI versions of the famous moonbirds collection. 

The project was co-created by @BorSergOS, creator of @IWasRightNFT and a talented AI ARTist keen on transforming avatar NFTs into real art. His co-founder @inserhio is a full-time blockchain developer and fellow co-creator of @IWasRightNFT.

The project team intends for the collection to be the beginning of the large-scale development of generative AI art in the NFT community. The AI Moonbirds NFT images themselves are high-quality images with 4000x4000 pixels resolution and 300 dpi. The images were created through neural network models and ran through thousands of experiments and tests to get the best results along with a few weeks of rendering. Owners of AI Moonbirds will get full IP rights.