Ape Kids Club NFTs

Ape Kids Club NFT Overview

Project Information

Ape Kids Club is a collection of 9,999 ape children NFTs from Victorior (Kun Vic).

There are a total of 309 unique traits with varying level of rarities, and each Ape Kid NFT grants holders access to an exclusive Discord community. 

According to the project's lore, a magical, thousand-year-old tree sprouted cute baby apes. A flock of storks delivered all of the baby apes to their new families, but when the baby apes grew up, the parents left them with Victorior, the friendliest teacher in the metaverse. 

Ape Kids Club aims to provide kids, teens, and adults with educational information about NFTs and the metaverse. There will be a Back to School: Interactive Learning Channel in the official Discord, along with fun events and activities like dance parties, Easter eggs, and presents. The Lemonade Stand covers all Ape Kids Club merchandise.

The project consists of three main team members: Kun Vic (co-founder, artist), Li (co-founder), and TFG (head of marketing).