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gm NFTs Apr. 6 | Akuma Origins Reveal, VaynerSports Recap, and Sandbox Updates
Connor Melhorn

VSP Gas War Recap 

Yesterday, the release of VaynerSports Pass took the Ethereum mainnet by storm, sending gas upwards of 3,000 gwei. 

The collection sold out its 15,555-edition in less than 40 minutes today.  

AJ Vaynerchuk and team experienced massive gas war issues as investors looked to snag multiple passes. The passes are expected to provide unrivaled "access to athletes" and sports NFT drops. 

The project sucked up an abhorrent amount ETH in failed transactions, and even though seasoned NFT investors/holders are not new to gas wars, it causes extreme ecosystem shock each time. 

People took to Twitter to publicly call out the project and the recurring gas war issue. 

Over the last 24 hours, VSP sits at the top of secondary volume charts, trading almost 3,000 ETH in that time.
The floor price for the pass is currently 0.41 ETH at the time of writing. 

The Sandbox Game Funding Updates

Yesterday, NFT gaming and metaverse company Sandbox announced it is looking at another potential funding round by the end of this fiscal year.

Sandbox originally raised $93M last year from investors, led by Softbank’s Vision Fund 2 (Bloomberg). 

Chief Operating Officer Sebastien Borget explained that the company looks to ramp up new hires and acquisitions, expanding the firm from its current roster of roughly 200 employees.

No further details were released on acquisition targets or potential executive hires. 


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gm NFTs Apr. 6 | Akuma Origins Reveal, VaynerSports Recap, and Sandbox Updates