Alien Frens Incubator NFTs

Alien Frens Incubator

Project Information

Alien Frens Incubator NFTs is a collection of 10,000 burnable NFTs by Alien Frens. Each Alien Frens Incubator acts as a mint pass to mint an Alien Frens Evolution NFT. Each original Alien Frens NFT holder was airdropped one Alien Frens Incubator for each Alien Frens they were holding. The new Alien Frens Evolution NFTs introduce over 250 new traits to the original Alien Frens collection. Alien Frens Evolution holders have access to all Alien Frens events, exclusive holder-only merchandise, and the ability to earn $FREN coin. Incubators are believed to have future utility within the Alien Frens roadmap if they are not used to redeem an Alien Frens Evolution NFT. 

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