New Alien Frens Photo Mission Available

New Alien Frens Photo Mission Available
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Alien Frens recently introduced Alien Frens Photo Missions. “Invasion” by @glennleerob is the first photo available on the Alen Frens marketplace.

Alien Frens will feature a new photographer to create an original piece of art each month. Photos can be purchased with Fren Coin in the Alien Frens marketplace and will be included in the Frens Originals collection. Purchasers will also be able to receive a large physical print of their photo with shipping available all over the world.

Alien Frens announced that another fren will be commissioned to go on a photo mission in September, with the commission amount being $1,000 USD. To qualify, holders must provide a list of their camera gear, a link to their portfolio, and a concept write-up based on an alien frens theme. Applicants can submit the requested materials to 

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