Alpha Prestige - Fusionist NFTs

Alpha Prestige - Fusionist NFT Overview

Project Information

Alpha Prestige - Fusionist is a collection of 500 limited edition Mech NFTs created by Fusionist on the Ethereum blockchain. Fusionist is a gamified universe that utilizes Web3 and NFTs in three different types of gameplay. Players are able to assume the role of a "Mech Commander" to run their own planet, collect resources, manufacture Mechs, and build production pipelines. Players can also fight through Player-vs-Player (PvP) and Player-vs-Environment (PvE) to conquer the universe. Holders of the Alpha Prestige - Fusionist NFT are able to beta-test Fusionist gameplay and are eligible to receive future airdrops. Additionally, holders receive special benefits in-game and can access an exclusive holder-only Discord channel.