ALTAVA Second Skin Metamorphosis NFTs

ALTAVA Second Skin Metamorphosis NFT Overview

Project Information

ALTAVA Second Skin Metamorphosis is a collection of 6,765 NFTs uniquely rendered 3D avatars on the Ethereum blockchain created by ALTAVA Group. The founders, ALTAVA Group, are focused on bringing culture-defining brands into the metaverse through their virtual platforms and access to others.

The project is one transformed identity in the metaverse inspired by nature and transcends beyond luxury fashion to express alternative versions of oneself. The project was inspired by the symbiotic relationship we have with our environment; intertwining nature with luxury fashion in the metaverse. Second Skin: Metamorphosis's holders are allowed to participate in community-only features, access exclusive luxury collaboration NFT drops, unlock their NFTs in other virtual worlds, and more that will be revealed over time. Portions of proceeds from sales will be donated to a foundation selected by the community to support the Altava sustainability agenda.