Ambush IKZ NFTs

Ambush IKZ NFT Overview

Project Information

Ambush IKZ is a collection of hoodies and pendants created by luxury fashion brand AMBUSH in collaboration with Azuki. The collection features two different colored hoodies, a silver pendant, and a gold pendant. The hoodies are Physical Backed Token-enabled, embedded with the Azuki-developed BEAN Chip that allows holders to scan the physical hoodie to prove ownership on the Ethereum blockchain. The silver pendant features a twist-off cap that reveals an engraved "IKZ" that can be used as a stamp. Additionally, the bottom of the gold pendant is also engraved with "IKZ" and can be used as a stamp. Holders are able to redeem their Ambush IKZ NFT(s) for the corresponding physical item through 1:00 p.m. EST on November 15, 2022.