Angry Apes United NFTs

Angry Apes United NFT Overview

Project Information

Angry Apes United is an exclusive NFT project featuring 8,888 unique apes that have a combined mixture of rare and authentic art, backed by the $JUNGLE utility token. Angry Ape holders can earn 20 $JUNGLE per day for each Angry Ape they hold.

The founder of the project is Mathew Ramirez and his team consists of Tyler Cruz and Jay Laurnent. They also work with the LandVault and their art is done by GSD 3D Club. 

Angry Apes United's $JUNGLE token can be used to redeem 3D voxels, weapons, and clothes, and more through their Jungle Shop.

When the project sells out there will be giveaways for the holders ranging from a Rolex watch to a Tesla Model 3.