Animetas NFTs

Animetas NFT Overview

Project Information

Animetas is a generative avatar collection of 10,101 unique NFTs that live on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection was designed by Gustavo Viselner and generated by cyberh49.  The collection is very inclusive, and beside different species, it has a 1:1 female to male ratio, trans representation, characters of all ages, and a lot more surprises. 

The Animetas team has begun adding additional value to holders via aidrops and other utilities, like it’s Animighties JigScene Puzzle. 

The Animighties JigScene Puzzle, is a first-of-its-kind audio-visual NFT puzzle collection, challenging collectors to put together a puzzle of 12 separate pieces. There can only be 420 completed puzzles, and the first 420 to complete the challenge will receive a signed puzzle and a finished puzzle NFT. 

In late September the Animetas team leaked design plans for a hover car, presumably to be airdropped or made available to Animetas holders.