A.N.I.M.O. NFT Overview

Project Information

A.N.I.M.O. (or Autonomous Nugget In Mech Okay?) is 10,000 NFTs that are a combination of randomly chosen mecha parts. Each A.N.I.M.O. is comprised of a combination of these pieces: pilot, top, legs, front, attachments and paintjob. A rarity tier is randomly assigned to each A.N.I.M.O, then pilot and paintjob will be assigned from that rarity tier. 

Here are the rarity tiers:

  • D - 4999 units
  • C - 3000 units
  • B - 1000 units
  • A - 600 units
  • S - 300 units
  • S+ - 100 units
  • Illegal - 1

A.N.I.M.O. has partnerships with noted artists and projects including @MarktheHabibi, @CoolCatsNFT, @SavageDroids and @MissingWatcher. There is no roadmap.