ANONmode NFT Overview

Project Information

ANONmode is a collection of 8,888 algorithmically-generated NFTs with references from streetwear, music, anime, games, memes, movies, and more.

ANONs have four modes: 

  • Humans: Those who remain human make up the majority of the ANON population. They seek to regain their identities.
  • Cyborgs: ANONs whose humanity begins to slip away become robots. With the last traces of emotions remaining, they desperately fight to regain their identities.
  • Demons: They have fallen from grace, forsaking the last trace of their humanity as they join forces with monsters that consumed their identities.
  • Demon Slayers: They have awoken from seeing their friends mutating into demons. They fight to save others as well as themselves.

The ANONmode project has plans to collaborate with streetwear brands to release limited edition merch in ANONmode style.

The project's in-house artist will start planning a comic for ANONmode.

The team also has plans to purchase metaverse land to build the ANONmode shelter.

The ANONmode project has two co-founders, artist Kengo and story writer Lucy. The development team for ANONmode is NiftyLabs and they also have a community manager named Buoda.