AO Art Ball NFTs

AO Art Ball NFT Overview

Project Information

AO Metaverse is the first official NFT collection of the Australian Open. Virtually linked to the actual tennis court on which the games will be played, there are only 6,776 NFTs available, each connected to a distinct, unique section on the court. As the matches are played, collectors' NFTs' metadata will update to show the official match data, including the match score, as well as recorded replay moments. Additionally, for the final match, wherever the ball lands on the actual tennis court as points are scored, the owner of the correspoding NFT will receive the physical game ball used to score that point.

The Australian Open plans to continue this project with future, unique NFTs for future tournaments.

However, holders of the original generative art collection will be granted automaticc whitelist access to future drops. Owners will also be granted other benefits, such as early-access to dops. The company has also committed to using 50% of the sale proceeds towards offsetting carbon damage and towards the Australian Tennis Foundation.