Ape Gang NFTs

Ape Gang NFT Overview

Project Information

Ape Gang is a collection of 10,000 pixelated apes that live on the Ethereum blockchain.  On October 20, 2021, the Ape Gang team released the first companion for holders in the form of a free toucan NFT mints.  Each toucan is unique and generated from over 140 possible traits, including hat, eyes, beak, clothes and feathers.  Toucans will increase the utility value of Ape Gang apes once the $GANG token is launched and will be playable characters in the upcoming Gang Wars seasons. The 1st Season Gang Wars consists of text-based games on the Ape Gang's Discord where participants will receive a jaguar coin, which can be converted to a jaguar NFT in the future. "In addition, releasing Toucans from their blockchain (“burning”) will yield a multiplier on the amount of $GANG tokens accumulated for apes" (apegang.faq).  The team has an Ape Gang mini-game, Gang Wars sign ups, and merchandise scheduled on the current version of the roadmap for the last quarter of 2021 via the Ape Gang website.

Ape Gang has proudly supported Rainforest FoundationUS in their mission to protect natural habitats in the world’s rainforests with a total donation of 20 ETH to date.