Apes in Space NFTs

Apes in Space NFT Overview

Project Information

Apes in Space is a unique collection of 10,000 Ape NFTs launched by Takeoff of the rap group Migos.  Each Ape is randomly generated featuring a number of hand-drawn traits with varying rarity. Apes in Space project contains a staking mechanism where holders can earn native token $TKOFF, which will be used for a number of future utilities.

The Apes in Space team has plans to organize the first Hip-Hop festival in the Metaverse, including the allocation of 69% of the parcels' ownership to one lucky Apes in Space holder. The remaining 31% will be owned by the rest of the community. The Apes in Space team also has plans to turn the NFTs into a voxelated version that can be used in MetaVerse.