Arcade Land NFTs

Arcade Land NFT Overview

Project Information

Arcade land is a collection of 10,000 plots of digital land containing fast action games for the entire NFT community.

Each plot of land makes up the entire Arcade Metaverse world. The Arcade Metaverse is an adventurous world with different regions for NFT holders to explore and play games with their friends. 

The project is partnered with several other profile picture (pfp) NFT projects that can be used to hangout and play games within Arcade land. According to the project's website, these include Mfers, Phanta Bear, Starcatchers and more.

Arcade land gives holders access to drops containing tokens, NFTs, and metaverse and game resources. It also grants the ability to earn rent, advertise, launch stories, and create items with your land's resources.

There are four different sizes of Arcade land:

Standard: 5,000 supply

Large: 3,000 supply

X-Large: 1,900 supply

Mega: 100 supply

Different land sizes equate to different rewards, such as tokens, resources, perks, and unique land items.

The games within Arcade land will consist of several PvE and PvP style games. Each pfp NFT collection will have unique in-game bonuses and powers.