Archetype by Kjetil Golid NFTs

Archetype by Kjetil Golid NFT Overview

Project Information

Archetype is a 600-piece curated art collection created by Kjetil Golid. (@kGolid)

Kjetil Golid is a system developer and data analyst residing in Trondheim, Norway.

Kjetil has a keen interest in algorithms and data structures, which forms the basis of many of his generative art pieces.

As a generative artist, Kjetil likes to look at his pieces as turning numbers into visuals.

Archetype started as an algorithm for generating the possible partitions of a rectangle into smaller rectangles and at the same time explores the use of repetition as a counterweight to unruly, random structures.

As every single component looks chaotic alone, the repetition brings along a sense of intentionality, ultimately resulting in a complex, yet satisfying expression.