Cross The Ages - Arkhante Legacy Pack NFTs

Cross The Ages - Arkhante Legacy Pack NFT Overview

Project Information

Arkhante Legacy Pack is a collection of 357 premium trading card pack NFTs created by Cross The Ages on the Ethereum blockchain. Cross The Ages is a digital collectible and trading card game set in a dystopian era of clashing worlds. The game and trading cards are based on seven fantasy and science-fiction novels. Players are able to compete, both individually and on teams, to partake in quests within the metaverse to discover hidden easter eggs that unlock valuable Cross The Ages NFTs. This collection represents the first ever premium packs minted in the Cross The Ages trading card game collection. Holders of these packs were given an airdrop when the collection was migrated to a new contract that made the Arkhante Legacy Pack NFTs unusable in-game. This collection now represents collectors' items as they have no in-game utility.