Art Blocks Acquires Sansa

Art Blocks Acquires Sansa
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Art Blocks announced its acquisition of Sansa, a digital art collector platform and secondary marketplace. 

The Deets

  • Sansa's focus: A platform dedicated to showcasing digital art collections
  • Artist Support: Providing visibility and creator royalties for each sale
  • Collector Experience: Easy access to diverse, curated art selections
  • Future Integration: Plans for blending Sansa with Art Blocks for a seamless experience

The Bulk

Art Blocks, the leading generative art platform,  is expanding its horizon with the acquisition of Sansa, a digital art marketplace. 

This acquisition marks a significant pairing of two influential parties in generative art. Sansa’s unique approach to simplifying the discovery of artworks aligns with Art Blocks' vision of a collaborative and forward-thinking ecosystem. Collectors benefit from this union through easier access to a diverse range of high-quality digital art, enhancing their collecting experience.

Behind the scenes, efforts are underway to integrate Sansa's platform with Art Blocks, aiming to create a unified and more engaging experience for users. 

🎤 Founder Feedback


Building in web3 is hard, and seeing a nimble team be able to build something so aligned with what I am excited about felt like a no brainer in exploring the opportunity to work together.Snowfro, Founder of Art Blocks}

🔜 What's Next?

While Sansa's app will continue running as a standalone for now, more updates are expected as the platform is integerated into Art Blocks. 

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