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Don't Leave Art Blocks Again
Logan Hitchcock

Art Blocks has added support for secondary purchasing directly on the Art Blocks website, according to a developer announcement in the community Discord.

❗Why It Matters

Art Blocks adding secondary support for its NFTs ensures that the platform will no longer need to rely on any other secondary marketplace or third party for its sales. Additionally, all sales on the Art Blocks marketplace will automatically enforce royalty payments, supporting creators whilst removing any anxieties from purchasers about whether or not royalties are being supported. 

The Deets

All NFTs will be listed at the lowest price based on listings from the following NFT marketplaces: "OpenSea, LooksRare, X2Y2, Sansa, Zora, Foundation, CoinbaseNFT, Rarible, Sudoswap, and Reservoir." At this time, Blur is not supported but the team is hoping to add it soon. 

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Don't Leave Art Blocks Again
Next Art Blocks Curated Announced

The next Art Blocks Curated project, "WaVyScApE" from artist Holger Lippmann will only boast 315 total NFTs, according to the newest listing on the platform's website. 

❗ Why It Matters

As far as Art Blocks collections go, this is a very limited edition with only 315 NFTs available. The Dutch auction for the collection will start at 13 ETH, a higher-than-normal starting price, likely as a result of the collection size and perceived demand. 

The Deets

Holger Lippmann is a German digital artist with multiple exhibitions at notable museums worldwide. A full list of his works can be found on his website. 

⏭️ What's Next

The auction is happening on Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2023, at 1:00 PM ET. 

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Next Art Blocks Curated Announced
Art Blocks & Bright Moments Partner
Julian Son

Art Blocks and Bright Moments will launch an official partnership, according to announcements from both organizations on Twitter. 

What It Means

This collaboration will pair the best of both organizations, from artist curation and minting technology from Art Blocks, combined with Bright Moments' unique IRL minting experiences.

❗ Why It Matters

This marriage of the vaunted Art Blocks minting technology, and the Bright Moments IRL minting mechanism is likely to lead to unique innovations in generative art and the continued physical manifestation of web3. 

⏭️ What's Next

Art Blocks tweeted, "The first collaborative release will be Metropolis by @mpkoz. Metropolis is a long-form generative art collection exploring the node-based systems that enable modern society."

Metropolis will feature on-chain traits tied to each of the Bright Moments locations around the world, adding a unique facet to each piece.

Formal details are yet to be announced. 

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Art Blocks & Bright Moments Partner
Art Blocks Opens Up About Open House

The third annual Art Blocks Marfa weekend will take place September 21–24, 2023 according to a tweet from the platform.

The Deets

The Art Blocks Marfa weekend will be hosted at the Art Blocks House in Marfa, Tx starting on Thursday, Sep. 21. 

Opening night will be followed by two full days of activities on Friday and Saturday, Sep. 22-23.

⏪ Back it Up

At last year's event, Squiggles came to life with dance music from talented British beatmaker and producer, Jamie xx and OpenSea held a backyard barbecue. The Art Blocks Engine was also at work in partnership with artist Steve Pikelny who provided a 48-hour open edition, live mint of Instructions for Defacement.

🎬 Take Action

Although more details are still expected to come, Art Blocks users interested in attending are encouraged to book their accommodations shortly. 

🍎 Learn More 

Art Blocks will update its event guide as more details are released.

Art Blocks Opens Up About Open House
Art Blocks Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary with Blocktalkathon
Tyler Warner

Art Blocks has started a 24-hour Twitter Spaces referred to as "Blocktalkathon" at 1 p.m. ET today, in celebration of the generative art platform's 2-year anniversary.

The Blocktalkathon, named after the primary chat channel in the Art Blocks discord called Block-Talk, is meant to celebrate two years of generative art and is kicking off with none other than the CEO, founder, and Squiggles artist Erick Calderon (a.k.a. Snowfro) and CCO Jeff Davis.

The Spaces will feature 1-hour blocks of programming spanning a full 24 hours, hosted by a variety of community members, Art Blocks staff, and artists around the globe. Some notable topics include: 

  • On-Chain GenArt: Past, Present, and Future (3 p.m. ET)
  • Art Blocks Engine (4 p.m. ET)
  • Data and Analytics (5 p.m. ET)
  • 日本語でブロック (Block in Japanese) (2 a.m. ET)
  • Punk6529 (5 a.m. ET tomorrow)
  • Friendship Bracelets (12 p.m. ET tomorrow)

Find the full schedule and more details in this Art Blocks blog post.

Art Blocks Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary with Blocktalkathon
Market Update: 'Pre-Process' Up 20% in Post-Mint Trading
Tyler Warner

Today's Art Blocks Curated project "Pre-Process" by Casey REAS is up ~20 percent from the resting mint price after 3 hours of post-mint trading.

The project with just 120 NFT supply minted out at 4.78 ETH and is holding at 5.74 ETH this afternoon. 

Pre-Process was notable for two reasons: 1) this is Casey REAS's second Curated collection, making him the first artist to launch a second solo Curated project, and 2) the supply of 120 is now the lowest in the history of Curated releases.

With the low supply, expectations were high for where this might mint out at, and it did not disappoint. The 4.78 ETH mint price is the highest in recent Curated action and for all of 2022, with just a handful of projects minting above that price back in the peak summer '21 bull run.

The set has seen top-end sales of 8 ETH and several at 7 ETH, and it has seen 362 ETH in total volume. A few other key metrics:

  • Percent listed: 40%
  • Owners: 92
  • Unique owners: 77%
  • Market cap: 688 ETH ($878,220)

Casey REAS's first Curated collection, Century, holds a 2.6 ETH floor with a 1,000 NFT supply. This represents an implied market cap of 2,600 ETH (~$3.3M), thus the set is nearly 4 times as expensive as Pre-Process on a per-NFT basis.

Market Update: 'Pre-Process' Up 20% in Post-Mint Trading
Art Blocks Announces Next Curated Project
Tyler Warner

The Art Blocks team has announced its next Curated release, via discord announcement this afternoon. 

The project is called "Pre-Process" by Casey Reas and will debut next Wednesday, Nov. 30th at 1:00 p.m. ET. The final details on supply and price have not yet been released.

This will be a unique release for a few reasons: 1) Reas has already released a Curated project "Century" and thus will be the first-ever returning artist and 2) he is on the Art Blocks Curated board, meaning he had to abstain from the vote reviewing his project.

In the past, once an artist has completed a Curated project, all future releases are in the Playground (now Presents) collection. Thus, this will be the first-ever "return" to Curated (it should be noted that artist Rafael Rozendaal has returned before but in a collab, not solo).

A bit of background on the project, from the artist:

"I can trace the origin of Pre-Process back to a Saturday afternoon in 2003 when I was sketching—first on paper, and then with code. I began by drawing circles, then connecting their center points, and then placing the circles in motion as coded animation. At that time, I was focused on ideas and not images."

The outputs of Pre-Process certainly display that inspiration, as the visual theme appears to be connected, animated circles. Reas does not appear to be using color palettes in the ouptuts, opting instead for black and white. View sample outputs here.

The artist goes on to describe the coding mechanics as being based on a combination of Elements, Forms, and Behaviors.

The Forms are circles, and the 4 behaviors include moving in straight lines, constrained to a surface, changing direction upon touch, and moving away from overlapping elements. The Element is the combination of the Form plus the 4 Behaviors.

Reas' previous Curated release Century holds a 2.9 ETH floor with a supply of 1,000 NFTs, though none have sold on the news of his new release.

Art Blocks Announces Next Curated Project
Market Update | 'ORI' Up 45% in Early Trading
Staff Writer

Today's Art Blocks Curated drop "ORI" by James Merrill is up 45% in early trading on the OpenSea marketplace.

ORI minted out its supply of 450 at the 1.2 ETH final price, with about 10 percent of the supply minted in the 1.5-1.7 ETH range. The floor quickly rallied to 1.8 ETH on large volume along with several high sales of over 3 ETH, with the top sale currently at 5 ETH.

This was an interesting "heat check" moment for Art Blocks mints, as the ecosystem has major tailwinds headed into last week's crypto crisis, but has since lost some momentum (and volume). Monday's Art Blocks Presents drop "Fleur" ran 40 percent in early trading but quickly fell back below the mint price, leading to some community concern on price action today.

The price action has been strong so far. Here are some key metrics:

  • Total trading volume: 363 ETH
  • Floor price: 1.75 ETH
  • Percent listed: 37%
  • Unique owners: 69%

Read more about the project here.

Market Update | 'ORI' Up 45% in Early Trading
200 WETH Offer Accepted On Fidenza

Fidenza #214 sold for 200 WETH ($313,702 USD) on Monday, the third sale in the last 24 hours for the popular Art Blocks Curated collection. 

The large purchase coincides with increased volume across both Fidenzas and the broader Art Blocks ecosystem, including notable sales of Chromie Squiggles, Ringers by Dimitri Cherniak, and Memories of Qilin

The Fidenza floor currently sits at 99 ETH, up 25 percent over the last week. 

The new purchase is the buyer's fifth Fidenza, which joins a wallet that includes a wealth of other Art Blocks, five CryptoPunks, and three Bored Apes. 

200 WETH Offer Accepted On Fidenza


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