Art Blocks Launches Secondary Marketplace

Art Blocks Launches Secondary Marketplace
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Art Blocks announced the launch of its own secondary marketplace to address security, authenticity, and royalties.

❗ Why It Matters

The new Art Blocks secondary marketplace is meaningful because it's safe, ensures the buyer is getting the original artwork, and protects the creator royalties that have been a bedrock of the web3 space (that is, until Blur and OpenSea both opted to make royalties optional above 0.5%).

The Deets

The Art Blocks secondary marketplace addresses three primary pain points:

  • Security: The Art Blocks secondary marketplace is safe, "built on top of the battle-tested Seaport protocol for in-product listings while aggregating other marketplaces with Reservoir so that you know you’re getting the best price."
  • Authenticity: All listings on the Art Blocks marketplace are from legitimate Art Blocks projects and artists.
  • Royalties: The two largest secondary market platforms have both made royalties optional, so Art Blocks is making sure to honor them on its own marketplace. Art Blocks has consistently been committed to royalties and views the trend of declining royalties as harmful to digital artists’ ability to make a living.

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This is huge. Everyone has an opinion on royalties. It's awesome to see @ArtOnBlockchain and team actually do something about it all.Axu.eth

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