Trade Art Blocks, on Art Blocks

Trade Art Blocks, on Art Blocks
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The Art Blocks secondary marketplace will boast lowest fees whilst fully honoring artist and creator royalties, says purplehat.eth.

❗ Why It Matters

Art Blocks has made it known that creator royalties will still be protected for purchases made on its own marketplace, amidst the backdrop of the ongoing feud between Blur and OpenSea that has targeted those very royalties.

This move comes less than a month after Art Blocks added support for secondary purchasing directly on its website, a move that was also designed to enforce royalties and support creators.

What It Means

  • The secondary marketplace functionality has been expanded to include native listings/delistings, removing the need for another marketplace at all.
  • Aggregated listings that don't include creator royalties will be royalty-normalized to properly include them.

🎤 Community Quotes

And there it is. If I read this right, we now have a place where we can actually see the art (unlike how it doesn't load on OS and Blur) AND support artists by honoring royalties AND no marketplace fee.harristotle

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