Art Blocks-Factory NFTs

Art Blocks-Factory NFT Overview

Project Information

Art Blocks is the premier curation platform for generative art on the Ethereum Blockchain. While participating in drops on the Art Blocks platform, users mint unique, random iterations of each project, effectively creating their own 1/1 with each mint. 

Launched in 2020, Art Blocks has three separate tiers of projects, Curated, Playground, and Factory. 

Art Blocks Factory, is a place for any artist to submit their generative art projects without waiting for formal acceptance into Art Blocks Curated. Despite the lower restrictions for entry, these projects are intended to reflect the innovation and creativity of the Art Blocks community. Because this tier is not officially curated nor of a previously accepted artist, Art Blocks Factory typically offers the cheapest entry point to ecosystem participants. 

Headlined by Fidenzas from Tyler Hobbs and Ringers from Dimitri Cherniak, Art Blocks Curated is made up of projects from artists that have been formally accepted via the Art Blocks team. These projects are selected as the best representation of the Art Blocks’ vision and typically come with a higher ETH entry point.  

The Playground is a place for artists that have been formally accepted into the Art Blocks Curated collection to deploy a project of their own. Playground projects do not receive official endorsement by Art Blocks and they are not curated. Artists participating in Playground drops must have officially dropped a curated project prior. 

Given the rise in popularity for generative art and Art Blocks specifically, Art Blocks was forced to move all their drops to dutch auction format - meaning a collection starts at a set price, and decreases in price at select time intervals. 

Art Blocks Curated projects have generated the second highest trading volume of all-time on OpenSea