Art Blocks Releases Web3 Products for Creators

Art Blocks Releases Web3 Products for Creators
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Art Blocks is expanding its business, rolling out new products to help artists and NFT projects manage their smart contracts and minting mechanisms, the platform announced on Twitter Monday.

Art Blocks has already lent its Art Blocks Engine service to a handful of platforms including Bright Moments, Doodle Labs and ARTCODE, an NFT magazine dedicated to long-form articles on generative art. Art Blocks will also offer Flex Engine, which allows projects to store their assets off-chain. Both are available at unknown prices. Attempts to contact team members on Discord and founder, Snowfro, on Twitter, were unsuccessful.

"I truly believe that when the cost to produce unique things is the same as mass producing, it makes less sense to continue mass producing identical products," said Art Blocks founder Snowfro in a tweet Monday.

Upcoming Art Blocks Engine collections will feature work from Shvembldr and Matt Jacobson, the artist behind "Watercolor Dreams."

"To be clear, we remain fully committed to our core AB platform," Snowfro said. "Web3 is not zero-sum. We believe our core product strengthens our Engine product and visa-versa."

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