Projects Warn of Scam Verified Twitter Accounts

Projects Warn of Scam Verified Twitter Accounts
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The Possessed and Art Blocks are warning users to avoid minting and interacting with scam mints promoted by verified Twitter accounts.

It's a common scam where bad actors buy verified Twitter accounts that have been compromised, then tweet out phishing links to a fake mint or claim. (In the Art Blocks scam, a fake Twitter profile called @ChromieSquiggle is advertising a claim for a Kaleidoscope NFT for each Chromie Squiggle a user owns.)

Because the account is verified, some users rush to connect their wallet to the fake site, where they sign a message and approve a call function which allows the scammer to gain access to their tokens, draining wallets that contain NFTs and more.

Remember to check the Twitter handle on new notifications and confirm any surprise mints by checking the project's Discord or following the Lucky Trader news account.

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