Ascended NFTs

Ascended NFT Overview

Project Information

Ascended is a collection of 8,888 unique randomly generated explorers who seek the strange, enigmatic power of the Masks.

The Ascended team is comprised of three members with artist (@benbauchau), developer (@0xInuarashi), and community manager (@Swaggerstallion).

The NFT will have play-to-earn mechanics with the introduction of the $AURA token in Q1 of 2022. All holders of Asended NFTs will be able to stake their NFT via the projects upcoming Lite web based game to accrue $AURA, which can then be used to claim an Ascended Sandbox Voxel Avatar. $AURA will also be used to buy various items such as weapons, artefacts, land, upgrades, and companions for your character which will in turn have real in game benefits. Along with the Lite Dashboard game the project is partnering with a veteran game dev company and will begin development on a large scale VR P2E title in parallel.