Assorted Positivity by steganon NFTs

Assorted Positivity by steganon NFT Overview

Project Information

Assorted Positivity is a 400-piece digital art collection created by @steganon.

Steganon says that the project was initially influenced by his desire to sort past the negativity online and focus on positivity, generosity, and genuine thoughtfulness.

Assorted Positivity delves into a glitch-style technique called pixel sorting, a procedure that isolates segments of pixels and sorts their positions based on any number of criteria.

The project takes a generative approach to pixel sorting art without any photographic base. The algorithm uses several types of noise to generate an initial design, each one unique to the token and specifically conducive to pixel-sorting.

According to the project's page on Art Blocks, a portion of the proceeds will go to charities including the international Make-A-Wish Foundation.