Autology by steganon NFTs

Autology by steganon NFT Overview

Project Information

Autology is a collection of 1024 artworks by Technologist and Generative Artist, steganon and generated on the Art Blocks curated platform. 

Art Blocks enables generative artists to upload code to a smart contract. This code, written by the artist, randomly generates a piece of artwork. When a collector mints an artwork using the smart contract, the code is run using a unique, random seed. It is impossible for the artist to know this seed upfront, so the code must be written in a way that guarantees that the artist’s vision is met for any random input. This constraint means that Art Blocks artists must build algorithms that can produce wildly different, high-quality pieces of artwork that all feel cohesive.

Autology is a unique generative Art Blocks curated project in that the source code is actually embedded in the artwork. One could decipher source code from the image and vice versa. The artist steganon describes it as "a study in how we interpret art, as well as how art can, in a sense, interpret itself".