Avastars NFTs

Avastars NFT Overview

Project Information

Avastars is a blockchain project that helped pioneer NFT projects that store artwork and metadata entirely on the Ethereum blockchain. Upon acquiring an Avastar, you own the IP rights, meaning you are permitted to use the image however you wish thanks to your ownership over the digital asset.

Assets being "on-chain" means nothing can happen to your metadata or token as they are all permanently on the blockchain. So if Avastars the company shuts down your token is still completely safe as long as the Ethereum blockchain is still operating. Other projects rely on a third party to store the metadata so if they shut down your metadata could be lost as what stored it no longer exists.  

The original Avastars, known as Primes, can be used to build new Avastar NFTs. These Avastars are called Replicants. Replicants do not come with trait copies to build more Replicants, they can only be created from Primes. Each Prime comes with one copy of each of its 12 traits. Each Avastar Prime and Avastar Replicant has 12 Genes. The gene categories consist of, Skin Tone, Hair Style, Eye Color, Background Color, Backdrop, Ears, Face, Nose, Mouth, Facial Feature, Eyes, and Hairstyle.

The artists behind the project are known as Marmota and Milky. Both live in Brazil and have worked with brands such as Adidas, Hyundai, and Burger King. The team plans to add new artists for future generations of Avastars. 

Avastars is released its Replicant Factory to the public on Nov. 23 (Nov. 22 for select holders). This tool will allow holders to combine traits from multiple Avastar "Primes" into a Replicant. This date was pushed back from Nov. 17 due to "less than ideal replication flow" issues, according to the Avastars team.