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Azra Games Holders Can Unlock Loot Boxes
Logan Hitchcock

Azra Games has officially unveiled its loot box opening mechanic tonight according to a Tweet from the project. 

Each loot box holds one of three items for holders:

  • A Genesis Merchant Hex (bronze, gold, or silver)
    • Usable for the real world and Azra gaming ecosystem
  • Puzzle Piece
    • Multiple pieces are to be dropped to holders over the following months. "Solve the puzzle and get something extraordinary in the game. Be one of the earliest to solve it and get something even better. Solve it FIRST and get something unspeakably huge," reads the project's Discord announcement. 
  • Genesis Merchant Employee Badge
    • Will provide holders exclusive perks in the Azra Games universe. 

In order to open their loot box, holders can head to connecting your wallet, you'll be able to open your loot box. The opening transaction does require a gas fee. 

Some users may experience an issue with the opening mechanism due to the rapid fluctuation in gas fees and the use of the contract. Any user who wastes gas fees while trying to open their loot box will be refunded in full by the Azra team. 

Azra Games Holders Can Unlock Loot Boxes