Azuki Community Memes as Whale Holder DCAs

Azuki Community Memes as Whale Holder DCAs
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The Azuki floor price jumped 18 percent overnight to around 9 ETH on Saturday morning after several sweeps (including one by noted collector dingaling) and an outpouring of community memes.

There were 60 sales in the past 24 hours for around 599 ETH in total volume from the anime-inspired project, which hit its six-month low floor price (6 ETH) in mid-August. 

The rebound was spurred by a 13-NFT Genie sweep from dingaling for 130.75 ETH (about $187,000). The collector now has 65 Azuki NFTs, according to his LooksRare page, that he paid an average of 19.2 ETH for during post-mint sweeps in January, April, May, and now September.

Azuki community members spent most of Friday night and Saturday morning changing their Twitter display names to celebrities and tweeting about Azuki being "the strongest community I've ever seen."

There hasn't been a Discord announcement since Azuki let its members know about the updated website.

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