Azuki: More Than a Garden

Azuki: More Than a Garden
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On the one-year anniversary of its launch, Azuki announced the release of Hilumia, a metaverse city built by the community that houses the past, present, and future of Azuki. 

Why It Matters: Azuki holders or community participants can now physically explore the expansionary efforts of the Azuki brand, in many instances led by the community. Though not a formal roadmap, many may see this as an immersive version of the Azuki Mindmap. 

Action Items: Explore Hilumia!

What's Inside: 

  • Slowpoke's Toy HavenA high-quality toy store, albeit one moving slowly in production. 
  • Ember Square: A place to keep up with all the new designs. 
  • Golden Skate Park: A home for those illustrious skate decks. 
  • Garden Express: A suggestion box for brand initiatives. 

Food For Thought: Many had speculated that a major Azuki announcement was coming on its birthday, and speculators were rewarded with the official release of Hilumia. Hilumia, much like Azuki's initial Mindmap (roadmap), is an innovative way to engage community whilst providing glimpses of what's to come while building on the success of previous initiatives. 

By The Numbers: The Azuki floor price has rebounded 31 percent over the last 30 days and rests at 16.99 ETH on OpenSea. Similarly, the companion collection BEANZ has jumped 102 percent to 1.89 ETH over the same time frame. 

What They're Saying: "It's giving zelda/pokemon.  This is better than the Google slide recap I predicted," said Keeks on Twitter

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