Banana Task Force Ape NFTs

Banana Task Force Ape NFT Overview

Project Information

Banana Task Force Ape (BFTA) is a collection of Apes containing over 150 unique traits.

Holders of BFTA NFTs have exclusive access to events and passive earnings from Blip Studios.

BTFA holder benefits include future whitelist opportunities for NFT collections, Banana Index governance token airdrops, complimentary VIP access to tiered events, and guaranteed spots in future IDOs.

BTFA tokenomics allocate 2% to liquidity and 8% to marketing from every transaction.

The BFTA governance token’s primary function is to keep the chart healthy through hard-coded liquidity distributions, providing stable floor support for both NFTs and our native token.

Some notable endeavors on the roadmap include an art studio acquisition, a retail clothing partnership, and an Apepalooza concert.