BAPES Future NFT Overview

Project Information

BAPES Future is a collection of 10,000 baby ape NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. BAPES Future represents the second core collection within the BAPES ecosystem and are the 'children' of BAPES Genesis. Holders of BAPES Genesis that have staked their Genesis NFT and have earned BAPES Genesis Keys and  BAPES Parental Certificates were given priority minting access to BAPES Future. Holding a BAPES Future grants holders access to the BAPES 'metavestor' community that utilizes real-world business skills to empower crypto-native companies within the metaverse. All BAPES holders will have exclusive access to the social media platform 'Hubbl', which is being developed by CubeX and will bring to life concepts like post-to-earn, like-to-earn, and more.