Azuki Introduces Two New Characters

Azuki Introduces Two New Characters
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Azuki introduced two new BEANZ characters named Jay & Jelly in a tweet this morning, encouraging Azuki fans to follow these characters at @BEANZOfficial.

❗Why It Matters

Though the @BEANZOfficial Twitter account was registered in September, 2022, the account has only 690 followers at the time of writing. Could Azuki be ramping up its social media efforts for the BEANZ brand using Jay & Jelly?

🔍 The Deets

  • There was also a short video posted by @BEANZOfficial that introduced Jay & Jelly.
  • In the tweet, the BEANZ are described as mischevious and adventurous. The tweet also notes that while Jay & Jelly like to squabble, they are also inseparable.
  • In the video, Jay falls out of the sky, and Jelly comes over to see what happened, looking agitated.

🎤 Community Feedback

Awww we love Jay and Jelly@ElenaaETH

wooah, the potential for this is huge. it seems like they might be taking inspiration from @LucaNetz's @PudgyPenguins on getting a following on bigger platforms.@heycape_

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