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Azuki's Chiru Labs Files Two Trademark Applications
Bill Monighetti

Chiru Labs, the creators of the Azuki NFT collection, have filed two U.S. trademark applications for Hilumia and 9 Lives Arcade, as reported by Twitter user @NeerMcD this morning.

❗ Why it Matters

The two applications provide a look into the project's future plans,

🧐 Wait, What?

🔍 The Deets

The applications contain a lot of overlap, with each application referencing the following items:

  • Downloadable game software, computer software for electronic transfer of digital tokens
  • Merch including beanies, cardigans, hats, hoodies, pants, shirts, etc.
  • Providing  online non-downloadable computer software for use as a digital token wallet

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Azuki's Chiru Labs Files Two Trademark Applications
Azuki Partnering With Media Giant
Logan Hitchcock

Azuki has partnered with Bilibili International to explore anime and general web3 content innovations, according to a tweet from the project. 

Why It Matters: Azuki has already established itself as the leading anime NFT project, and the continued exploration and formal partnership with a major media platform provides ample opportunity for brand growth and expansion. Bilibili, an online media organization, reported more than 332 million monthly active users in Q3 of 2022, according to Statista

What Happens Next: To celebrate the partnership, Azuki and Bilibili are offering a few perks to Azuki ecosystem holders. 

  • Bilibili International users can acquire a unique in-app badge by verifying their ownership of an Azuki, BEANZ, or Cheers Up NFT. 
  • A new partnership badge has been added to the Azuki Collector's Profile. 
  • An emoji pack is being released for use in the Bilibili app and Discord. 

Community Thoughts:

LFGGG! We're on Billibilli, the China equivalent of YouTubeElenaaETH

By The Numbers: 

The Azuki trading volumes have fallen significantly in the last week (down 61% on OpenSea) but the floor price has held quite steady, down one percent but holding a floor of 15.78 ETH. BEANZ have fallen eight percent during the same timeframe (1.78 ETH), but the collection still boasts an 83 percent gain over the last month. 

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Azuki Partnering With Media Giant
Azuki: More Than a Garden
Logan Hitchcock

On the one-year anniversary of its launch, Azuki announced the release of Hilumia, a metaverse city built by the community that houses the past, present, and future of Azuki. 

Why It Matters: Azuki holders or community participants can now physically explore the expansionary efforts of the Azuki brand, in many instances led by the community. Though not a formal roadmap, many may see this as an immersive version of the Azuki Mindmap. 

Action Items: Explore Hilumia!

What's Inside: 

  • Slowpoke's Toy HavenA high-quality toy store, albeit one moving slowly in production. 
  • Ember Square: A place to keep up with all the new designs. 
  • Golden Skate Park: A home for those illustrious skate decks. 
  • Garden Express: A suggestion box for brand initiatives. 

Food For Thought: Many had speculated that a major Azuki announcement was coming on its birthday, and speculators were rewarded with the official release of Hilumia. Hilumia, much like Azuki's initial Mindmap (roadmap), is an innovative way to engage community whilst providing glimpses of what's to come while building on the success of previous initiatives. 

By The Numbers: The Azuki floor price has rebounded 31 percent over the last 30 days and rests at 16.99 ETH on OpenSea. Similarly, the companion collection BEANZ has jumped 102 percent to 1.89 ETH over the same time frame. 

What They're Saying: "It's giving zelda/pokemon.  This is better than the Google slide recap I predicted," said Keeks on Twitter

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Azuki: More Than a Garden
The Azuki Golden Skateboard Auction Is Now Live
Staff Writer

The Azuki Golden Skateboard auction began right on time at 9:00 p.m. ET this evening and is now live according to a recent tweet from the team.

At the time of writing, there are currently five bids submitted for more than 10.0 ETH with the current leader having the leading bid of 30.0 ETH.

Users who wish to partake in the auction can visit the official Azuki website to submit their bid(s) and monitor the auction.

The auction is set to end tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. ET.

For more on the Golden Skateboard auction, check out Lucky Trader's detailed preview of the drop.

The Azuki Golden Skateboard Auction Is Now Live
PFP Holders Now Have New Lending Options on X2Y2
Tyler Warner

The X2Y2 marketplace is rolling out its new peer-to-peer (P2P) NFT lending service to four new collections today, according to a tweet sent this morning

Holders of Azuki BEANZ, Moonbirds, World of Women, and Bored Ape Kennel Club NFTs are now eligible for the service. 

The X2Y2 NFT Loan product is similar to other existing P2P services such as NFTFi, where lenders are paired up with borrowers directly on the platform and come to their own terms on the loan amount, size, interest rate, and duration.

This differs from other services such as BendDAO, where NFT assets have set loan-to-value rates with liquidation thresholds; on X2Y2 there is no liquidation threshold.

The X2Y2 team shared a thread with other ways their lending product is different, including safety, better ETH utilization through a multiple offer mechanism, collection loan offer functionality, trait-based loan offer functionality, and 0 percent fees.

Those interested in the service can head over to to learn more and get started.

PFP Holders Now Have New Lending Options on X2Y2
Bobu's Twitter Banner Changes, Teases Snapshot?
Logan Hitchcock

NFT Twitter users made note of a change to the Twitter banner for Azuki's Bobu the Bean Farmer Twitter account on Tuesday morning.

It is not known at which point in time the change was made, but the image has created some rumors about a potential snapshot for BEANZ Official NFTs. 

The image showcases a Bobu the Bean Farmer character in an open market full of BEANZ characters. Bobu is featured in the middle of the banner and appears to be holding a camera. Cameras, and the camera emoji have long been utilized by NFT projects to symbolize snapshots, the act of "freezing" the blockchain to identify which wallets are holding a respective token at a given time. 

Beyond Bobu, a calendar can be seen in the back left of the alley, but it's difficult to make out exactly what is indicated. Previously Azuki shared some clues about airdrops, using a calendar in a similar fashion to highlight Oct. 14. 

Based on the makeup of the calendar, the marker indicated in the banner also seems it could indicate Friday, Oct. 14 - which could suggest a snapshot was taken last week. The next time the calendar has the exact same makeup will be July, 2023. 

Two important distinctions should be made about the banner. Firstly, nothing has been confirmed by the Azuki team amidst a handful of recent updates. Secondly, the banner - as indicated in the Bobu profile - was created by a community member and not a member of the Azuki team. 

Despite the banner change, only four BEANZ have traded in the last hour on OpenSea. 

Bobu's Twitter Banner Changes, Teases Snapshot?
Azuki Whale Adds Spirit in X2Y2 Buy
Staff Writer

A Spirit Azuki sold for 150 ETH on Monday to a dedicated Azuki collector on the X2Y2 marketplace.

"Finally got the spirit. So handsome," said Shrimpwen in a tweet. 

Shrimpwen owns 18 Azuki, 26 BEANZ and 7 Bobu NFTs according to his Azuki collector page. 

The 150 ETH ($198,000) sale ties for the sixth-highest sale in terms of ETH all-time for the collection. The trade took place on X2Y2, where no creator fees were included in the transaction. The creator fee on OpenSea is 5 percent.

Azuki Whale Adds Spirit in X2Y2 Buy
Azuki Announces BEANZ x Chifa Collab
Logan Hitchcock

Azuki's BEANZ IP will be used as part of a collaboration with Chifa, an LA-based restaurant, according to an Azuki tweet on Thursday evening. 

The collaboration is part of the upcoming Family Style Fest, a gathering in Los Angeles that celebrates the intersection of food and streetwear. As part of the collab, BEANZ character and IP "Gus" will be featured on a t-shirt and a cleaver. 

Both items will be available to those who attend in person, until supplies last. If any supplies remain at the conclusion of the event they will be sold on the Family Style Fest website starting on Monday, Oct. 10. 

Family Style Fest will take kickoff on Sunday, Oct. 9 at Television City at 7800 Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles. The event will start at 12:00 p.m. PST and last until 8:00 p.m. PST. Tickets are available at and can be purchased for general admission or VIP access for $60 or $200, respectively. 


Azuki Announces BEANZ x Chifa Collab
Azuki Twin Tigers Jacket Claim Starts Tomorrow
Staff Writer

The recent Twin Tigers Jacket airdrop that was given to all Azuki holders will open its physical claim window tomorrow according to a recent tweet.

Upon redeeming the jacket it will turn from its current blue color into a red jacket with "Azuki" across the front.

NFTs that are not redeemed will stay in their current state and there are currently no details in regards to if there is a benefit to claiming the physical item.

The claim window for holders is set to close in 30 days on Aug 17. 

There is currently no redemption link so users should be wary of any links that pop up claiming to be the official claim site. 

Users should wait for a confirmation tweet from the Azuki team that the claim for the jacket has gone live. 


Azuki Twin Tigers Jacket Claim Starts Tomorrow
Azuki Volume Dips Following NFT NYC
Staff Writer

Azuki was one of the biggest winners leading up to and into NFT NYC as the project was sixth in total volume traded with more than 2,000 ETH going to the collection over the last week.

The floor price also saw a nice rise during this time span as it rose as high as almost 13.0 ETH and now currently sits at 11.40 ETH which is good for an increase of 14 percent according to the Lucky Trader Project Rankings.

With the NFT NYC coming to a close the volume of the project has not held up as well as it has only traded 96.0 ETH today which is a decrease of more than 50 percent from the day prior.

Its expansion collection Beanz has also taken a hit as the project has only done 24.0 ETH in volume in the last 24 hours which is a decrease of 75 percent from the previous day.

Azuki Volume Dips Following NFT NYC


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