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BearXLabs NFT Overview

Project Information

BearX is a unique collection of 3,700 Genesis Bears that live on the Ethereum blockchain. Each BearX is randomly generated featuring a combination of traits that include different breed, eyewear and clothing.  Only Genesis BearX yield 10 $ROOT tokens per day, everyday, for the next 10 years.  $ROOT is the token that provides an added layer to the BearX ecosystem, which holders will use to get their hands on a MiniBearX (companion launch), vote, take part in challenges and go to future events in real life.  MiniBearX will cost 1000 $ROOT, and holders must have two Genesis Bears in your wallet to do so.

BearX released its ROOTx token on November 16, 2021. This token will be used in the project's upcoming "MiniBearX" drop, and will allow holders to "take part in challenges and go to future events IRL."