Ben Ballers Blockchain NFTs

Ben Ballers Blockchain NFT Overview

Project Information

Big Baller Blockchains brings gaming and jewelry pieces to the blockchain. Phase One of the project consists of 2,000 NFTs that token holders can either burn to get a new piece or hold to earn the project token $BALLERBARS.

In this phase holders have the ability to yield one $BB a day for every token they hold. NFTs with rarer traits act as multipliers for yield, so the rarer the piece the more $BB is produced.

For Phase Two to kick off all 6,000 pieces must be minted with $BB tokens. Once all 6,000 are minted, holders will be able to fuse together 10 $GEM tokens to be able to create a 1/1 piece of jewelry known as BallerChains. Only 500 BallerChains can ever exist.