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LT;DR November 29
John Nannetti

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CloneX, Budweiser NFTs, Art Blocks Curated & more

CloneX RTKFT's 3D avatar project started minting this past Saturday. Holders of RTKFT's other NFTs minted about 12,000 of the 20,000 piece collection within the past two days. After extending the Whitelist window, CloneX began their Dutch Auction at 5:00 p.m. ET, starting at 3 ETH. The purchase price is reduced by 0.1ETH every 30 minutes.

Budweiser sold out their genesis NFT project midday and is currently trading at a 0.45 ETH floor. Changing their Twitter handle to beer.eth, Budweiser caught the attention of the NFT ecosystem with this drop. Selling out in an hour due to complications with traffic, Budverse Cans sit nearly double their respective $499 and $999 mint prices. 

Art Blocks Curated collection “Bent” by ippsketch sold out in less than an hour today. The Dutch Auction started at 6 ETH and the final mint price was 0.7. Trading on secondary around 1 ETH, the collections 1,023 pieces interactive view show how each sketch was created in pieces. 

Holiday Weekend Review

A holiday weekend full of countless copycat Wolf Game projects entering the scene. Wolf Game continues to lead the pack in this popular staking game trend. With a full breakdown, Lucky Trader's staff presents a quick recap on this weekend's latest developments:

Wolf Game, the notoriously flawed but popular staking game which had more than 13,600 ETH  in transactions since launching Nov. 18, deployed a new contract Saturday, asking holders to migrate their sheep and wolf NFTs over to it. The pre-migration floor was around 3 ETH. The migrated collection currently has a floor of 0.8 ETH despite more than 3,600 ETH in volume and the promise of developers to deliver $WOOL-filled Pouches to holders soon. $WOOL is the in-game currency of Wolf Game. The developers shut off $WOOL production and minting of new wolves and sheep in the original contract because of exploits.

Worldwide Webb Land

The Worldwide Webb is an upcoming MMORPG metaverse game that plans to use NFTs for in-game avatars, pets, lands, items, and quests. Their goal is to create a dystopian pixel art metaverse that gives utility to popular NFT projects. The developers have released two avatar projects already in the form of CryptoWeebs and CryptoGFs in small genesis collections with 6+ ETH floors. Today their genesis land collection for use in the game sold the last set of 5,000 in-game NFT apartments. After the pre-sale, the community snatched the opportunity at the last set of land with the remaining plots selling out in 6 minutes. 


  • Bored Ape Yacht Club sits atop our rankings page starting the week off with a 70% jump in volume. 

  • Wolf Game after a turbulent first 10 days has migrated leaving the floor at 0.67 ETH. 

  • Fox Game a staking game clone of Wolf Game has risen 100% in volume. 

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LT;DR November 29