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DeepBlack is a limited collection of 3,073 fine art NFTs created by artificial intelligence on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection originally began minting in September 2019, making it the first end-to-end artificial intelligence-created NFT collection on the blockchain. Unlike most AI-generated art which often consists of human artists using artificial intelligence as a tool, there was zero human interaction involved in creating the DeepBlack artworks. 

The AI artist, referred to as the 'Generator', was initially fed over 50,000 fine art images to use as a basis for fine art creation. Once the AI created a new piece of art, the second step, known as the 'Discriminator', would examine the creation to decipher if it was human-made or machine-made. If the Discriminator was unable to identify if the created artwork was computer-generated, that artwork was minted by artificial intelligence.

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