Blankos x ILYYW NFTs

Blankos x ILYYW NFT Overview

Project Information

Blankos x ILYYW is a collection of four new Blankos NFTs made in collaboration with I Like You, Your Weird. Three Blankos from the collection - LavaMouth, IceBuddy, and MudBoi - were available for purchase through a public sale. The fourth Blankos x ILYYW NFT collaboration, GrassGnome, was awarded to buyers of the first 1,800 LavaMouth, IceBuddy, or MudBoi Blankos x ILYYW NFTs. Additionally, 300 GrassGnome NFTs were given away to members of the Blankos community and the I Like You, Your Weird community. All four of the Blankos x ILYYW collaboration NFTs are playable within the Blankos game as new characters.