Blitmap NFTs

Blitmap NFT Overview

Project Information

Blitmap is a community-crafted, sci-fi universe created and written by Vine founder Dom Hofmann.

Starting with 100 original pixel artworks, collectors minted 1,600 Blitmap siblings by combining the composition of one original with the palette of a second original.

The original 100 Blitmaps were created by 17 artists: askywlkr, BigPapap, boyprison, BRAINDRAIND, ceresstation, dom, HighleyVarlet, hipcityreg, jstn, numo, other, spacedoctor, themoonladder, Veenus, worm, yi, and zod.

All Blitmaps grant holders access to the Blitmap universe, including expansion packs like the Blitnauts and their rivals, and unique perks like airdrops for Sugar and Sup Drive.

Blitmaps have three important attributes:

  • Type
    • Original (100)
    • Sibling (1,600)
  • Affinity
    • Earth
    • Water
    • Fire
  • Attunement
    • Unattuned
    • Attuned

All attuned Blitmaps have minted a Blitnaut. All unattuned Blitmaps still have Blitnaut minting capability. 

All metadata is stored and processed entirely on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Released as CC0 public domain, Blitmaps are free to use in any capacity.

In January 2022, Blitmap airdropped Sugar (Genesis) NFTs to all attuned Blitmap NFT holders. This is expected to be featured in an upcoming game built by Dom Hofmann.