Blockchain Bandits NFTs

Blockchain Bandits NFT Overview

Project Information

Blockchain Bandits is a collection of 3,333 play-to-earn NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The team has stated their goal for the project is to incorporate the aspects of play-to-earn mechanics and DeFi to build a long-lasting brand that brings value and utility to its genesis collection.

Holders will be able to stake their Blockchain Bandits NFT to earn the project's native token $BANDIT. $BANDIT will allow holders to be eligible for Hideout mints. Hideouts are used as a means to create guilds within the game, the team has stated the hideouts will be "useful" for the holders to utilize. 

At the time of writing the game has not launched, but the team has stated it will be a pixelated multiplayer game that holders will earn an emission token through playing.