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Beanie Returns to Twitter, Breaks Silence
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Notable NFT personality Beanie, known as @beaniemaxi, and one of the initial investors in Pixel Vault, made his return to Twitter today after joining a Twitter Spaces hosted by @ShiLLin_ViLLian.

Outside of Pixel Vault, Beanie more notoriously worked on an NFT project called Bloot, a parody of the Loot NFT that had a 0.008 ETH floor price before the Spaces started. 

Since the Bloot debacle, Beanie has stayed away from being actively involved in the NFT space as he has not tweeted from his personal account for the majority of 2022. 

His longstanding silence and priors in NFTs caused host @ShiLLin_ViLLian and many others to pelt questions at him during his time on stage.

Beanie denied questions from ShiLLin about being behind any pump-and-dump schemes as well as accusations that he was behind the Artchick Twitter account.

Beanie also let a few things off his chest during the Spaces as he told a crowd of more than 2,000 people that he was "in tears" when being "kicked out of Pixel Vault," and let it be known that he wouldn't have talked about implementing the Bloot token BGLD "if I knew it could've been rugged by those anon devs."

Beanie once famously said that he would make it his "life mission to integrate $BGLD into everything I do in crypto."

Beanie also opened up about his time in the Spaces saying "I’m not needed in the forefront. I don’t need it personally, I’d rather trade quietly" and "I enjoyed putting out good content but it’s a tough and a toxic space."

Nothing is currently known about if this marks Beanie's return to the NFT space for good or was just a one-off appearance.

He said he recently bought a CryptoPunk.

Beanie Returns to Twitter, Breaks Silence