Boonji Project NFTs

Boonji Project NFT Overview

Project Information

The Boonji Project is a collection of 11,111 Boonji Spaceman NFTs. Each Boonji NFT is unique and programmatically generated using elements from artist Brendan Murphy's previous works. The Boonji Project dropped 7,444 NFTs in a public dutch auction that started at 3.3 ETH and rested at 0.3 ETH. 

The first 200 minters and every 33 sales after, all received a physical Boonji Spaceman sculpture. Additionally 30 randomly selected minters will receive a signed 1/1 painting from artist Brendan Murphy, and one lucky individual who mints at least five Boonji NFTs will take home a seven-foot Boonji Spaceman sculpture. The project claims to be giving out upwards of $5M in physical art to minters. 

Owning a Boonji NFT grants you special access to the Boonji Communji and acts as a passport to exclusive events and other member benefits not yet revealed.