Wrangler Is Feeling Bootish

Wrangler Is Feeling Bootish
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Jeremy Booth told holders of his "Boots" project to "refresh metadata," stealing a line from Jack Butcher Friday morning. In the tweet, Booth asks Jeans brand Wrangler, "Are you feeling Bootish?"

❗Why It Matters

The updated metadata shows a jean jacket with Booth's boots and the Wrangler brand name, likely hinting at a partnership or collaboration.

🧠 Need to Know

  • Booth also told holders the metadata will revert on Monday morning. Could Booth have something planned for Super Bowl Sunday? Time will tell.
  • This is not Wrangler's first venture into web3. In September, the brand announced a partnership with Deadfellaz.
  • Boots are up around 3% on the day so far with the floor price currently sitting at 0.16 ETH.
  • Shortly after the announcement, one of Booth's 1/1 pieces titled "Ramblin Man" sold for 5.566 ETH on SuperRare.

🎤 Community Feedback

Yeeeehaw!Vinne Hager

Jeans Friday at the office and now theres denim in my wallet too. GM@wareaglenft

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