Grail Ape Sells for $1.3M

Grail Ape Sells for $1.3M
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The only Golden Multicolored Grin Ape, BAYC No. 7090, sold for 800 ETH Monday morning. 

❗Why It Matters

Despite the decline in the Bored Ape Yacht Club floor price from its high of 157 ETH last April, two golden apes have sold for 800 ETH in the last three months. The sale comes on the heels of a Zombie Punk sale, marking two grail NFTs trading for more than $1 million in the last two days. 

💰Money Talks

Since the buyer and seller utilized X2Y2's private listings feature, no fees were taken from the sale and all 800 ETH were transferred to j1mmy. Had the sale taken place on OpenSea, the seller would have yielded 20 ETH to both Yuga Labs and OpenSea, saving him more than $65,000 in the process. 

📊 By the Numbers

The 800 ETH sale equates to more than $1.3 million, marking the third-largest Ape sale in collection history (in ETH denomination). What makes this grail sale even more significant, is that it was sold at a 37 percent premium to Deep Value NFT's valuation, which had the Ape valued at a 585 ETH price tag. This sale now sits as the 39th-largest non-auction NFT transaction in history, according to NFTGo

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Absolute grail of grails just sold for 800 eth... congrats to both buyer and seller... what a beautyMisk

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