Punk Sells for $1.4M

Punk Sells for $1.4M
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One of 88 Zombie CryptoPunks, CryptoPunk No. 5066, sold for 857 ETH on Monday afternoon

❗Why It Matters

The bottom of the CryptoPunks market has been relatively stable over the last six months, though high-end Punks continue to see some activity. This Zombie sale was preceded by another Zombie listing (969 ETH), although both the recent listing and sale come in under its valuation by Deep Value NFT. 

💰 Money Talks

The 857 ETH sale translates to $1.4 million in value transferred, the largest CryptoPunk sale since Punk No. 2311 fetched more than $500,000 last week. 

📊 By The Numbers

While the 857 ETH sale marks a notable haul, as mentioned above, Deep Value NFT's valuation model had Punk No. 5066 valued at 1,026 ETH, marking the sale at a 16 percent discount from the model's valuation. 

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