Next Phase of Trial of Jimmy The Monkey Unlocked

Next Phase of Trial of Jimmy The Monkey Unlocked
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Yuga Labs unveiled the next phase of the Jimmy The Monkey Trial on Wednesday evening.

Users eager to learn more are first asked to try and shake open the jewelry box that holds the next set of mysteries. After trying a few times, they are first greeted by the Great Dog Prophet. 

The Prophet, Gary, then goes on to share in riddle the meaning of the different hieroglyphic-like markings around the edge of the box, starting first with the top. On the top, Gary explains that all things first start with a "boom." With the boom, "a portal opens and shards appear, fragments that need to be collected." The wise dog voice goes on to explain that these shards are power sources, which can be found in the underworld (presumably The Otherside). 

The Gret Dog Prophet then speaks about a major battle that is brewing, one that depicts what many have speculated is a "Mecha Monkey" versus "Mecha Dog" battle. This speculation, should it be true, would also provide an answer to the MDVMM acronym from which the site gets its name - "Mecha Dog versus Mecha Monkey." 

Prior to signing off, Gary informs the crowd that he is "super high" and that "everything starts with a key."

The next stage of the MDVMM mystery is slated to unlock on Jan. 11 as users "prepare for the mint." A few of these details may have been previously shared by Yuga Labs when they started revealing details about the Trial of Jimmy The Monkey earlier this month - but many formal details are still outstanding. 

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