Yuga Labs Releases "Trial of Jimmy the Monkey" Trailer

Yuga Labs Releases "Trial of Jimmy the Monkey" Trailer
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Yuga Labs released a video trailer for the upcoming "Trial of Jimmy the Monkey" from its @BoredApeYC Twitter account Wednesday evening, while directing users to the MDvMM website for further updates.

On the website, there is a timeline of events where only the first one has been revealed: "Prologue: The Trial of Jimmy, December 21." Upcoming events listed on the website include:

  • December 28: "The Past, Present, Future"
  • January 11: "Prepare for the Mint"
  • January 18: "Multi-week Interactive Mint"
  • February 8: "Mint Reveal"
  • TBA: "The Story Continues"

Today's trailer follows news yesterday from Yuga Labs that "apes who also hold a BAKC will be in tiers of their own" when it comes to the minting experience for the Trial of Jimmy. The Bored Ape Kennel Club collection surged about 40 percent on that news, while today's news has had less of a market impact, with the Bored Ape Yacht Club floor price up just slightly (under 1 percent) over the last 24 hours.

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